Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Just a Few Thoughts

Here's what's running through my mind right now.

1.) I was never a fan of Robert DeNiro. Yes, I thought he was a wonderful actor, but he just wasn't my bag. Until I saw Taxi Driver. Oooh, the angst, the muscles, the guns, the italian scowl, the hair! The emotion he held in that movie, the anger towards all the disgusting thing happening in the movies, the inability to do anything about it, the way he held his feelings inside and locked it with those tightly pursed lips... he was just too beautiful. He just became sexier than Edward Norton in "Fight Club"

2.) Tomato juice is really good. Especially with a little bit of lime and salt. As soon as I finish this blog, I'm going to have a glass.

3.) My editor Cheryl is simply amazing. Everytime I screw up [like forget to get a picture on an already late article], she tells me not to beat myself up about it. She just recently told me a story how she once had to do a "People On The Street" section and she had to take pictures of the people she asked questions for in the snow. she got back to write the article and found that she forgot to add the film. It's not OK to make mistakes, but I'm learning that when I do, I shouldn't pout and put myself in a funk over it.

4.) Dee Gray is a wonderful woman who makes me feel great about myself and my writing. You can find my brief of her business here and her own blog here. She's a real sweet woman who supports buying locally and American which is such a powerful thing to do these days.I stopped in to say hello to her since I was doing an interview in the same business and she told me that she loved my writing. So I want to thank her for her lovely words. It's people like these that are my fuel to my writing.

5.) I have very messed up eyebrows. I guess it's time to do something about them? I'm tired of looking like a neanderthal.

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