Monday, July 27, 2009

5 Weird Things I Used To Do.

I was recently talking to my boyfriend and a friend of mine about how I used to be weird... like really weird. Let's face it, I'm weird, but not as weird as I used to be. Having a boyfriend and a life mellowed me out a lot. Sometimes I wish I was still weird, but then I think about the really strange things I used to do, and I'm glad I'm a functional human being now. I tag anyone with a personal blog to do a list of weird things they did themselves.

1.) Carry a stuffed animal to school.
It was a little stuffed pig named Charlotte. I used to carry all my stuff in a stack; school book, binder, and pig and pencil case right next to each other. Oh, I thought I was the cutest and funniest thing, carrying that pig around. It went through hell because kids thought it would be funny to take it from me, hide it, throw it around, etc. In truth, I was begging to get teased for it. And now, if I saw a kid in the grades 6-8 carrying around a stuffed animal, I would give her and it hell too.

2.) Wear small ponytails in my hair
For a little bit during the 8th grade, I would create tons of tiny little ponytails in my hair, using rubber bands for braces. How is that attractive?

3.) Be afraid of anything unchristian.
I used to have a TV in my room when I lived in Japan that only picked up a few channels; one American channel, and 3 Japanese channels. I once stumbled upon a Japanese kids shows with fluffy monster mascots, kids, and songs. And I seriously thought that they were worshipping some Japanese demon with their bubbly, catchy songs and refused to watch it. I thought it was like "Veggie Tales" or "The Donut Man" only in Japanese and for their god. I also refused to watch Harry Potter because I thought it was sacriligous. I soon got over this and watched those "demon-worshiping" shows to help me learn Japanese, and fell in love with Daniel Radcliff.

4.) Try to embellish my clothes with things you shouldn't embellish clothes with.
When I wanted to make my outfit a little bit more colorful than it was, I would do stupid things with it. I used to pin buttons to my pants, and use SO much ribbon, it was a crime. I would tie ribbon in my hair, around my neck, on my shoes, in my earrings, around my pant legs... everywhere. I would often go to school thinking that I looked funky fun, but actually looking like I was attacked by a tinsel monster.

5.) Write fan fictions
I guess this is one weird thing that I am not all together ashamed of. I am ashamed of the horrible writing I did, but not ashamed of the act. Fan Fictioning actually helped me a lot in my life and writing. I escaped through it, I found that I could be ANYTHING if I made myself a character in one of my favorite stories or TV shows. Yes, it was a sick escape from reality, but really fun. And it helped my writing progress.

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