Sunday, June 14, 2009

You Saw It Here First!: Maggies on Main

“Maggies on Main, Where You’ll Find a Unique Gift For Every Occasion” is the tagline for this adorable gift shop settled in the back of the Harbor Town Mall, and it definitely rings true. Maggie’s sells a wide variety of gifts, including greeting cards, figurines, trinkets, candles, dolls, baby stuff, books, and jewelry. There are gifts here for mom, dad, daughter, sister, grandfather, and friend. But perhaps the hottest commodities are jewelry and Webkinz. Maggies on Main is the only store in Harrisville that sells Webkinz and they sell fast.

Despite the name, the owners name is not Maggie, it is Diedre Gray. The original owner had named the store after her grandmother, giving it the name Maggies Gifts. It was the first shop in the Harbor Town Mall, and in its seven years of business under the owner, it became a house name across Northern Michigan. So when Deidre Gray took over the business in the fall of 2008, she kept the name “Maggie” and re-titled it to Maggies on Main.

“We’re just a small town gift store that provides great service” says Gray. Great service and great gifts is something that the people of Alcona County can truly enjoy. New gifts arrive every day, so there’s always something new.

Store hours are Monday-Wednesday and Saturday 10am-5pm, Thursday 10 am-6pm, and they are open all season long. Store location is on Main Street in Harrisville at the end of the Harbor Town Mall. Gray’s website where she posts item updates for her store and events happening around town is


[Here is my raw, unedited version of my newest article about a gift shop in Harrisville.]

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