Thursday, December 31, 2009

Akemashite Omedeto; New Years in Japan

I'll admit, I thought I was going to have a horrible New Years this year. New Years stopped being fun when I got too old to bang on pots and pans, and too young to drink. And I was going to be without friends or a boyfriend on New Years too. So needless to say, I didn't find much hope in my New Years celebrations for 2010.

But much to my surprise, my parents made sure I had a great New Year. I would like to say that all the fun we had last night was for me. And despite not having friends, booze, or a boy to kiss to ring in the new year, I think this was quite possibly the best New Year I had.

7:00pm-8:30pm: Dinner at the Ocean Breeze
The Officers club here on base was having a New Years dinner buffet. It was a strange combination of prime rib and sushi, but it turned out to be pretty good. The sushi was naturally good, though it wasn't Out-In-Town sushi, and the prime rib was decent, but I'm not a huge fan of red meat. I stuffed myself though. I was carrying the biggest food baby anyone has ever carried.

[I'm too full!]

9:00pm-10:00pm: Exploring Mihama
Mihama is an entertainment and shopping village, with a shopping mall, movie theater, arcades, attractions, and restaurants. It's the A. Number 1 hangout for the youth of Okinawa, seeing as it caters so much to them. But American's frequent it often, giving it the nickname "American Village". We decided to see what was happening here.

First, we found live bands were to be playing all night. At first there was an amateur J-pop band that wasn't as annoying as Big-Bang. Actually, they were kind of cool. The second band we saw when we were leaving Mihama was pretty cool too. I don't know how I would explain their sound but I can explain their look--the lead singer had an afro and was wearing yellow pants, and the bassist looked to be about 40 and was wearing a wind breaker. Which is pretty bitchin.

I got to meet him after that. And yes, that is a crown barett in his hair

I found out that instead of moshing like a possessed idiot like we do in America, the Japanese have a much more peaceful way of expressing their musical ecstasy--waving scarves around. Yes, they literally have towels and scarves that they twirl around in circles to the beat. Dad waved his little skull cap, I waved Mom's scarf around and she had her own piece of fabric that she waved. Ron of course, was too cool to twirl things around to a man wearing yellow tights.

As if that weren't enough fun for one night, we next found out how it feels to get your feet eaten by a bunch of little fish. They're called Doctor Fish, and they survive on the dead skin cells of humans. Yeah, fish with foot fetishes. It's not like I have ever aspired to get my scaly feet pedicured by nasty little fish, but for 500 yen, why not? I even convinced my mother to do it. We were squirming and squealing the entire time.

Mom was really freaked out. I think she hated me for making her do this!

After our pedicure, we got sticky pictures done. I missed sticky pictures! For 400 yen, you can have your own personal photo shoot. And for an vain girl who loves posing for the camera, what could be better?

11:00pm-11:45pm: Futenmna Shrine
To end the festivities, we stopped by the Futenma Shrine, which is by our base. It looked exactly like a typical picture of Japan; red hashi lanterns, bright lights and kanji ladened banners outline food stands where fried squid, bean paste patties, soba, mochi, and okonomiyaki were being fried up. I wish I could've eaten it, but there was no possible way I could enjoy putting more food in my mouth. I did manage shoyu and sugar covered mochi balls on a stick and an Okinawan donut, though my stomach wanted to shoot my hand immediately after.

All of these stands lead to the Futenma shrine where the Japanese waited until midnight to say their first prayers of the year. At midnight, the bell to the shrine was struck 108 times. I wish we could've stayed there to ring in the new year because I imagine it would've been a beautiful sound.

11:45-Midnight 2010: Home
Instead, we came home for a relaxed countdown. But with 2 dogs that decided to run buckwild around the neighborhood 10 minutes before the clock struck, and a bottle of sparkling apple cider that just wouldn't open it was a little rushed. But we made it. Ron and I climbed on top of the roof to finish off the bottle of cider [because we're alcoholics like that] and went to our respective rooms to reflect on 2009 and think on 2010.

New Years Resolutions That Are More Like New Years Plans

"So this is the New Year.... and I don't feel any different"
-The New Year by Death Cab For Cutie

My life is not measured in years, as are other peoples. My life is instead measured in my moves. Sometimes it comes with new goals and aspirations, and other times it comes with completely new names, personalities, and styles. This has been the tradition all my life. It is no different this time.

I make New Years resolutions like normal people do. And I attempt to follow them through until January. Of course, like normal people, my New Years resolutions fail. But my new life resolutions rarely ever fall through.

This year however, a move and a new year happened to come together. So when I make my New Years Resolutions, I make my New Life resolutions as well. Which makes them extra strong.

1.) Write.
This was originally "be a better writer" but that's a pretty high expectation for me to set for myself. It's like saying "In 2010, I will grow wings, become pink, and fly like a pig". It's setting myself up for failure. Because I'm not sure if I will ever think of myself as a good writer. I would like to become a better blogger, but I know that only comes with practice. I get discouraged with my blog a lot, because it's not anything memorable, but I can't expect to be an expert when I have no experience in blogging. So practice is what I will do.

As for my fiction writing, I am happy to announce that I have gotten inspiration to write my third attempt at a novel. I feel strong about this story for once. I have realized that I never wrote enough with my own voice. And for the first time, I will be writing with my own voice, instead of trying to write somebody else's. While it may not be a work of art, it will be better than my last attempts to write novels, and it will be fun to write.

2.) Continue to be happy with myself.
I learned in Buffalo how to be happy with myself through adversity. I learned to stick my middle finger at people who looked at me funny because I didn't dress like everyone else, and because I am really loud, and because I hate people with bad grammar and insult them with no thought. I learned to refuse to be someone anyone wanted me to be. I learned to be beautiful in large sweaters and minimal makeup. I learned how to be myself, and only myself, and be beautiful being myself. I want to keep that. I look even stranger here on a military base where there is DEFINITELY nobody like me. I could change and look like the high school girls, or the girls my age who are married to Marines. But why would I, when I am a spectacular person?

Another step to loving myself is riding myself of people who don't want me loving myself. I don't need strangers telling me I am crazy, none the less people who claim they love me.

3.) Be more studious.
I really need to learn better study habits, and learn to focus more on schoolwork. Oh yes, the thought of being studious is really nice, but when it comes to actually learning the information in books, useless things such as Facebook distract you and consume your day. But now that I have a desk and am nearly 100% worry free, I can be studious. I know the whole desk thing sounds ridiculous, but I was studying on a bed, or the floor for my first semester of college. That isn't too healthy.

4.) Take advantage of living in a foreign country.
Who gets the chance to live in a foreign country twice in their lives? Well, I do, and I'm not going to let this opportunity pass me by. I have a semester here, maybe more, and I plan to do as much as I possibly can.

5.) Be smart about my next life decision.
As I said earlier, I may only have a semester here, though it's possible I could stay for the rest of my Dad's tour, which lasts 18 more months. But in a semester, I should be ready for University. Whatever my choice is, it will be logical and well-thought out. I will not make any rash decisions because I am restless. I learned my lesson in Buffalo--don't move out on your own unprepared, and during a recession. This next life decision will come this year, and whether its stay here, move back to Buffalo, or try on a new location for size, it will be a smart one.

6.) Just relax
I have come to the conclusion that I try to control things in my life too much and end up taking more steps back than forward. I force things too much. My actual RESOLUTION, instead of goal, or plan, is to be more relaxed. I need to let life come instead of forcing information and experiences down my own throat and making myself choke and puke it all back up. Relaxed swallows will bring me desired results.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas In Japan

You know you're in Japan for Christmas when 4 Asian Santa's ride by you on your way to a sushi restaurant on 2 mopeds.

I unfortunately didn't spend my Christmas off-base, otherwise I'd have more interesting stories to tell you than that. I was happy to once again spend Christmas with my parents. I really would've liked for my older brother to be here, and maybe have to whole family together for Christmas. But families often disintegrate, sometimes in good ways, and sometimes in bad. I hope that soon we can all get together for the season again, but it might be another 4 years. With me being in college, Joe deploying all over the world, and Ron and my parents to be moving and retiring soon, it may be a good while before we're all together. But for the time being, I am glad I could spend this Christmas with my younger brother and my parents. I am accepting the fact that as we all get older, it is harder for us to be together.

Another thing I realized about getting older is that things change, most notably Christmas. Not only is the spirit of Santa Clause gone, but your parents get worn out. I cannot imagine, nor do I want to imagine, how much work goes into preparing Christmas for children. I'm sure my parents are relieved not to have to go through holiday charades for us anymore. However, it's sort of a sad thing. Christmas can seem to come and go like the wind when you live through the seasons like this. And you find yourself surrounded in wrapping paper, Mom and Dad are slowly standing up and moving back to their work thinking after a half an hour of gift wrapping, leaving you thinking-- "This was much different years ago".What happened to my brother and I surveying our wrapped gifts while waiting for our parents to wake up? What happened to the Christmas songs on the radio and the furious tearing into of gifts from 8am to noon? Don't be mistaken, the time you find out that Santa Claus isn't real is not the time your childhood dies. Your childhood dies when everyone is too busy in their adult lives to see the spirit of Christmas.

But a positive part of growing older during Christmas is that you have a better appreciation of gifts. For the first Christmas, I found myself NOT gift counting or calculating prices in my head to see if I got better stuff than my brother, or if I got my worth in gifts. For once, I found myself really appreciating the thought that went into my gifts. My huge bag of ume candy and yoga magazine, and cookbooks were the best gifts because my parents know that these are the things I like.

So while my childhood may be gone, my adulthood seems to be quite a promising replacement.

And there's really no better way to illustrate my Christmas than with pictures.

Poor angel, gets upskirted every year
Gordie Howe Ornament is a pervert too

Ron: "Hur! Peanuts!" Jenny: "YEAH! COOKBOOKS!!"

Bag full of ume flavored candy=best Christmas EVER!

Gordy in his Christmas handkerchief

Jersey's face is priceless.

My face is priceless

Mom and I smile on Christmas

Looking good in my Christmas dress

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday as well!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Being Home For The Holidays

I was inspired to write on the subject of being home for the holidays by this blog post on [hip-ster-krit]

I moved out of Buffalo just in time for the holidays. Originally, this was just supposed to be a visit home for the holidays, but I am now living here.

I haven't seen my parents in two years. Things are very different. Because my parents are in the military, they don't have the same house they did when I moved to Michigan. In fact, they don't even live in the same country. So coming home is strictly coming home to my parents. I am not coming home to my room, or to my hometown. Just my parents. I find that this prioritizes the relationship I have with them. "Home" is where your parents are.

However, things are still the same. The silverware is in a different drawer, and we have different furniture, but the dishes still need to be washed and put away at night, and the floors still need to be vacuumed during the day. This is home. Having the same parents, with the same rules and routines.

My return home for the holidays is much more significant than the return home for my friends. Not having seen my parents in years, and having left on a bad note in the first place, this move home is a time to rekindle and restart relationships. I have grown, as have my parents. I feel as if our relationship has grown as well. Perhaps it was the time apart that brought us together. Perhaps its my being a different person that has brought us together. And maybe we just missed each other.

But on top of moving back in with my parents, I also moved back to Okinawa, Japan. I lived in Okinawa during the ages of 10 to 13. I truly enjoyed it, and I find myself loving Okinawa still. Part of me wouldn't mind making Japan my permanent home [if I can ever have one of those]. And now that I am older, I find that I can experience Japan in a completely different way. Being 18 brings me more freedom both in my parent's eyes, and in the world's eyes. I am looking forward to further exploring a former home of mine.

One thing that I have found strange about Japan as I have taken a couple of walks around base in these couple of days is that most of my most memorable and weirdest dreams are located here on the housing area of Camp Foster. Another weird thing is that they are located in very insignificant areas, places I didn't really frequent when I lived here. I'm not sure why this is. Maybe it was the age I was when I lived here.

For some, being home for the holidays means being with family on a family holiday and enjoying your hometown. But for me, being home for the holidays means rejuvenating strained relationships with family, and rediscovering an old home.

Monday, December 21, 2009

10 Reasons Why Cuddling With Your Dog is Better Than Cuddling With Your Boyfriend.

1.) Dogs are warmer than boyfriends

2.) Dogs are smaller than boyfriends, making it easier for them to fit next to you.

3.) You spoon dogs, they don't spoon you.

4.) If you get mad at them, they don't mind too terribly if they have to sleep on the floor.

5.) You can yell at your dog, hit your dog [not too hard], tease your dog, and call him stupid, and he'll still sleep with you at the end of the night.

6.) Dogs are ready to sleep when you are.

7.) Dogs don't care if you cuddle with another dog.

8.) Dogs don't need blankets.

9.) Dogs don't have morning breath

10.) Dogs don't expect you to talk to them before you fall asleep, or when you wake up. They just need to pee.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Wii Fit; Not Just a Video Game!

I just recently started the Wii Fit, and I happen to think that it's the smartest thing ever invented. I know I'm a little late in the game [no pun intended], but I love it, and I'm going to tell you about it.

Not only is it a video game that helps you lose weight [whoda thunk?] It also helps keep you on track and gives you tips on how keep healthy overall. They focus a lot on your posture, which is something a lot of people don't focus on. Your spinal alignment can really affect your health. I've heard of people who's cancer was cured by realignment of their spine. Of course, you don't have cancer, and the Wii Fit is no chiropractor, but it brings awareness to how you stand and where your alignment is.

The exercises are very low impact and really adorable. You make a Mii to look like you and watch them hula hoop and ski etc. And all the other Miis on your Wii throw you hoops and soccer balls. I think its funny when my Dad's Mii is my soccer coach on the soccer exercise because he was my soccer coach when I was younger. I'm using it more as a small daily exercise to keep nimble and healthy. If you want to shed pounds, please don't count on Wii Fit.

I love that a video game can tell you that you're unhealthy. My Wii tells me that I am 38 years old and underweight. Well thank you Wii! But the Wii Fit keeps you on track. You can set goals, and it will tell you if you're close and give you encouragement. It will also tell you what you need to work on. For example, mine tells me that I need to work on my right side in the yoga exercises since I'm stiff and shaky in my balance.

One of the coolest things that I like is that you can add in other exercises that you do and they will calculate that into your weekly workout report. Smart huh?

It's like a personal trainer right there on your TV, helping you target your problem areas, and letting you have a little fun at the same time. It's pretty much the coolest thing I've ever done, and I plan on using it every morning before I start my day.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Japanese Food; Jusco market and Mister Donut

This morning, my Mom and I took the dogs to get their monthly baths and haircuts. It's just too cute that they go to a doggy salon. Jusco, which is something like the Japanese Mall [WAY better than American mall] is right across the street, so we took a little afternoon trip there for coffee and donuts at Mister Donut.

French Crueller, Sugar Donut, and Sesame Topped Donut

Mister Donut is an amazing little donut shop with the best coffee and donuts you've ever tasted. I'm not a coffee snob, but I've never tasted better coffee. And the donuts are incomparable. I don't know what they're made of, but they're NOT made of the crap Americans make their donuts with. They're light and fluffy, and virtually guilt free. I had a donut and a half and didn't feel like a fatty like I would if I had Dunkins.

We took a little walk around the Jusco food market to see what they had. I would've bought it all if I had yen. Thank god I didn't, because then I'd have no money.

Squid Tempura

Bean paste filled rolls, shaped like monkeys.

Vegetable Tempura Patties!

Egg, Asparagus and Ham in a bread roll. Probably with Japanese Mayo! These are delicious!

I'm pretty sure this is a specifically Okinawan thing. They're fried squid balls. They mix it with a dough mix, and roll it around on this ball form hot plate.

Various assortments of hot lunch food!

Bento boxes! The most delicious quick lunch!
Sushi bentos. The top shelf has rice balls with fillings and comes with seaweed that you have to wrap yourself. It's kind of difficult, but delicious whether you know how to wrap it or not.

Who To Watch: Aubrey Plaza

I just got done watching Funny People, and fell in love with this girl, Aubrey Plaza. She plays Seth Rogen's fling in the movie, and she's just too adorable. She looks like a hipster and has a hesitant, almost shy way of talking. I just want to follow her around.

Until I can physically follow her, I have the internet and will be watching her. She will be appearing in Michael Cera's new movie Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, coming out next year. But you should really check her out in Funny People. You just want to hug her, and give her a playlist and a cup of coffee. Cuz that's what sarcastic hipsters need.

Friday, December 18, 2009

So Far In Japan... Soba and Holiday Cookie Decorating

Extreeeeeeemly tired yet content with thick noodles.

Things have been very relaxed in Japan so far. Without a bike, ID card, license, energy, or time, I haven't gone on any adventures yet. But of course, I have all the time in the world. This is what I have done so far.

Ate Soba

I wasn't really hungry when I got into Tokyo during my day long trip to Japan. I was more tired and stressed and anxious. But I NEEDED to have some real Japanese food. And maybe Airport soba [thicker noodled ramen] isn't the most authentic, but its more bona fide than Maruchan ramen packets, so I was happy. Happy enough to take pictures.

At the little food kiosk I bought this at, there was a table that you stand at to eat. There were some Japanese business men standing there slurping their soba, so I joined them. It was a welcoming experience. And the best thing I've tasted in a long time.

Decorated Cookies

Last night, my mom and I stayed up late and decorated cookies for the soldiers in her battalion for Christmas. It felt very Christmas-y. Of course, we have no decorating experience, and fooled around with the decorations and colors, but they came out very cute in a homely way.

The ginger bread men at the top right corner are camouflage colored [totally by accident] and Mom did the little Santa ones.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Goodbye To Buffalo

I have moved from Buffalo to Okinawa, Japan where my parents live. Today is my first day here, and I think some overdue goodbyes are in order.

It's been a good 4 months. It was definitely one of learning experiences. It was a period of growth. It is sad that it is over before the entire dream is realized, but I've begun to see that I don't make my dreams, my dreams just steer the dreams of a higher power. Perhaps Buffalo isn't meant for me. Though I will admit, I grew quite fond of the place.

I met so many interesting, and wonderful people, and a lot of interesting, and disgusting people as well. Buffalo was slowly shaping into being a home for me, and I wish I had a longer chance with it--I could've turned it into something beautiful.

To The People I Loved: I never felt as honestly liked for who I honestly as I did here in Buffalo. Here are the people that made a difference.

Don: Don, who spent these past 4 painful, yet beautiful months with me right by my side. Don, whom I never should have taken from his element, stuck through all the trash thrown at him by this city. Buffalo and living with each other wasn't everything we dreamnt it would be, but we had some good times here. He will be continuing his education back home in Michigan while I move back home to my parents. He has been my boyfriend of nearly 2 years, and he has been such a life-saving aspect. I could always count on him for love, and support, and comfort, and warmth. He was my best friend and lover, and advisor and most important person in my life. I will feel empty without him, and I am sorry that Buffalo tore us apart.

Liz: Liz; The new best friend who was everything I've ever needed in a friend since I realized I needed a friend. She came at a time when I was sure that there would never be a person who would understand me. And then, there we were, finishing each other's sentences the first time we hung out. It's going to be so hard someone who enjoys almost exactly the kind of music I enjoy. I'm going to be hard pressed to find someone who "thinks way into things" and over-analyzes things such as television commercials. I'll probably never find someone who finds the same ridiculous things as I do amusing. And I can search high and low, but will never find someone as beautiful, unique, compassionate, and right for me as Liz. I can't stand the fact that we had so little time together.

Julia: The music geek, the girl who fascinated me, the first stereotypical geeky college student I've met [I knew they existed!], and my coffee buddy. We met for the first time in the library and exchanged blogs. Every so often afterwards, we get together for coffee and literally gossip. Didn't think smart girls gossiped huh? I always was fascinated by her story, and wish her the best of luck turning things around.

Katie: The first girl who talked to me at ECC, who is obsessed with the weather channel and has a camera named Dmitri which she uses quite well. Stair time was always enjoyable when she was around, and I was extremely happy those days she would take me walking around downtown when it was warm out.

Eddie: I have to talk about Eddie because he was such an amazing individual. This guy! If you say hello to him, he will ask you questions about yourself that make you feel like he is writing an entertainment special on you. His outgoing tendencies are to be admired. If a stranger needs to be asked a question, Eddie will ask it. If a lemon needs to be peppered and eaten, Eddie will ask a woman if he should, then do it. Eddie made the time I spent at the stairs at school so much more enjoyable.

7:24 Number 5 Bus Driver: This is the nicest bus driver I've ever met, and I've never met a nice bus driver in my life. To every person who got on the bus, he said hello to. I became a regular in the morning on the bus, and if he saw me down the road, he would wait for me. If I missed the bus, he would scold me and say that he missed me. And when I would get off the bus, he would say "Goodbye sweetheart/gorgeous/beautiful". He always got me into conversation with him from the time I got on in front of the metro station to the time I got off at Porter. Every bus driver should be more like this guy. He never had to be nice, since that wasn't part of his job, but he made riding the bus so much more enjoyable. It was refreshing to have a nice soul in a city full of aloof people.

To The People I Hate: To the sluts, to the tards, and the dicks. You made my life entertaining. You made me feel good about myself because at least I wasn't you. You gave me stories to tell, and lessons to learn. I want to thank these people for the laughs.

Beverly: I will miss your constant digging of your crotch, skyward wandering eyes, and unfortunate gums that grow rotten calcium. I will miss how you would bang on our wall and yell "SORRRRYYY!! Sorry ya'll, I won't make no noise". I will miss how I could always tell what sport was on, and how you used to yell "Comeon FOOTBALL!" and talk to football like it was your friend.

Every Hobo that Harassed Me: No, I will not give you a cigarette. No, I really don't have any change. And No, I will not walk with you to buy you a meal. Ok, so maybe it's heartless of me to hate hobos, but they never seem thankful. In the beginning, I did give cigarettes and change to every bum that asked. I even bought a meal for one. But then I noticed that they would go to the next person and get a cigarette from them! And the guy I bought the meal for, was asking other people for food as I was on my way to buy him a slice of pizza!
I also want to give a special mention to the hobo that accused me of raping him, and the one that had his manhood out on the bus. You were the most memorable.

Skinny-Cigarette-Bumming-Girl: Remember how you took two hits of my friend's cigarette that she bummed you and then threw it out? Remember how you tried to trade me my own candy cane for a cigarette? Remember how you asked me EVERY TIME YOU SAW ME for a cigarette? There's a gas station down the street honey. Maybe you can sell your blue shoes you rave about all the time and go buy yourself a pack.

Maggie: For every time you cut me off in conversation because I was talking to a guy that you liked, for every time you blew off one of my friends for your 40 year old fireman boyfriend, for every time you shamelessly flirted, then cried when they teased you... For every time you were a dumb bitch. It is my victory when you are lonely, out of school, and nobody cares :)

To The Places I'll Miss: I get comfortable in places quite easily, and Buffalo is no exception. I became attached to a couple of places.

My Kitchen: I think I created myself in this kitchen, along with a bunch of delicious foods. All my life, I told myself I'd never be a chef. But then I started making my own meals, and found that not only do I have a talent, but I love it! My kitchen[ette] was a dinky little thing, and I didn't have many tools, but I loved it, because it was all mine. My rules, my food, my kitchen. I'll miss that kitchen more than anything.

Erie Community College--City Campus: Where I spent my first semester of college. It looked like what I moved from my hometown for--an unconventional community college. In the heart of the city, stood an old castle, and that was my school! Actually, it was an old post office, but it looked like a castle. And it wasn't a modern, boring, three hallway building like most community colleges. It gave me the feel of a university, sort of, that I really wanted. And of course, there were the stairs, where I met and talked to so many people. Stair time always was, and always will be, my favorite part of Buffalo.

Buffalo Public Library--Central Location: Oh big beautiful library with your millions and millions of books and your cafe that had the best food in the entire world. You made me so happy. I'll miss my Friday trips to you for entertainment. I'll miss my coffee trips with Julia to you. I'll miss everything about you city library.


There's a lot that I will miss, but that comes with the territory of moving somewhere and getting attached to it. Buffalo was good to me, and while I failed there, I'm glad that I did it. I'm glad I experienced these places and things. And I'm glad I'm in Japan. There's a whole new set of adventures for me to have here, and I hope that you readers will be with me every step of the way.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Insomnia and

When sleep evades you, there's always the internet. Often too tired to learn anything new, you turn to simple things such as youtube, music blogs, and cooking blogs. The latter of which I am horribly addicted to. is what I like to prefer to as "the shit". It takes every amazing video found everywhere on the web except for youtube, and puts it in a daily list for you. This means you get quality amazement from National Geographic, independent film makers, and news. The few times you do get a home video, they make sure it's top notch.

Don and I were perusing the site and these were this week's gems that we found.

I found that what made this video was so funny was that you didn't know if the kitten was truly surprised or not. And if it was, then it's heart must've been pounding like a Starbucks Store on lunch break. Which is a funny thing.

I want to know what jerk went to the jungle, saw a monkey and decided "I'm gonna put that monkey in skates!" But it's pretty much worth watching, only because you get to see a tiny-human looking thing do things no real tiny human could ever do. Its fun.

If I could draw like this man, I would be completely content with my life. I would never have to worry about bills, or school, because I can say "Hey, at least I have an expansively creative mind". I will probably watch this nonstop for an hour straight everyday to force myself to think like this. Helpful tip: it only gets better and better.

This is the most surreal thing I've seen in my life. The colors are spectacular, and the way they cover that hunk of coral... you can almost hear them like leaves in the fall. It also has a serious theme to it; the peacefulness turns out to be a facade, and deep down inside, you're sucking on seal carcasses. The most serene looking things are the most twisted on the inside.
Remember, this is a time lapse of about a year. Starfish don't really move that fast.

Cool show, but no. This is a video short, depicting the events in stellar visualizations, how the earth began according to the big bang theory. No matter what your creed is, I think you can entertain the beauty of the thought long enough to enjoy it if you don't believe the theory. Note all the passion that went into the very early stages of earth. It makes me feel so intense, knowing that the earth was once so alive like that.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

How To Beat The Winter Blues

I am back from a long blog hiatus to report to you about a malady I have been suffering from for a month; The Winter Blues.

November was a gray month this year, and even though it didn't snow the entire month, I still felt myself getting more and more sad with each drop of the mercury bar. It is no mystery why this happens; November is a dull limbo in weather and there is very little beautiful about it. Autumn, with its rainbow of harvest colors has turned to a pile of damp brown leaves, and winter looms over us with threat. Everything is dead and cold. It's very easy to get caught up in depression when the weather isolates you from the natural world.

For those of you with family, fear not for this malady, your season is here! But for those like me who are alone, I have come prepared with remedies. You can rise from the oppressive cloud of frost that settles on the shoulders of your coat.

Dress warm, no matter how stupid you look. This is important and honest advice. Trust me when I say that wearing Uggs on the first day of snow because you're afraid of being the only one in the city wearing winter boots isn't exactly the best recipe for a great day. It is the recipe for icy feet, wet socks, and damp moods. And believe it or not, but it can be empowering when you can wear ugly clothes and still be beautiful. I love coats, but most of my thrift store coats don't cut it through bitter wind and snow. I have a large poofy coat, which is horrendous in the style department, but marvelous in the warmth department. On top of being warm, my tickle bone is also warmed by the sight of judging eyes mixed with shivering bodies.

Pick up a new hobby. Cabin fever is inevitable, but you can postpone it if you can make yourself enjoy something inside. I encourage you to go one step further than reading, or painting. Try something you've never done before. Build a model, sew a small quilt, or pick up cooking [for cooking ideas, look for my cooking blog coming soon!]. I know I often encourage hobbies, but that's because I don't think enough people see the value in them.

The important part is to not let others drag you down, which is always easier said than done. People dictate my life, no matter how many times I claim indignantly that I am independent. They can make me happy, or they can make me sad. Chuck the ones that make you sad, because on a cold day, a hurtful relationship can seem so much worst. Surround yourself with people that make you happy. There's no room for drama in November.

Today is the first time it snowed this season, and I am preparing myself for a long winter in a small apartment, and I refuse to be sad. Winter doesn't have to be desolate just because you feel dragged down by your many layers. This will be the happiest winter of my years, and I hope the same for you.

Revival Comes With Changes

Jenny is back.

I've been gone for a long time--for about the entire, most important semester of my life. There was really no other reason other than discouragement and distraction. But I've felt my abandon blog scratch at the back of my mind since I left it, and had to return to get the itching guilt away. As a treat to it, I gave it a makeover. I changed the layout, the name [previously New Beginnings and New Experiences], and ditched the strict schedule.

Lots has happened since I've been absent. My life has been going down a perfect road since the first day of school. It's been [almost] everything I could ask for in starting my new life. The freedom I've felt has been immensely liberating. For once, I don't have to answer to anybody, I don't have to follow someone else's schedule, or do what they want. I can play NPR when I want and cook what I want and clean when I feel like it [which is about everyday, but still...]. Maybe I'm not exactly an adult yet, but I have felt like it. Everyday in this apartment has been a blissful reenactment of adult life from a child.

For once in my life, I have become secure and happy with who I am, not who I want to be. I no longer feel the need to lie or exaggerate about my life in order to "sound cool". I've realized that the best way to be cool is to be yourself. It just took me since kindergarten to figure that out. And now, I go home with no regrets and tons more friends.

And speaking of friends, I have made one true, invaluable friend. I have been craving the company of another girl like me for a year now. I felt antsy about it all summer, and most of the time dreamed about moving to Buffalo just so I can have options of people. She's everything I could ask for in a friend, and there isn't a single requirement I had for a friend that she doesn't meet. For once, I feel that not only does somebody understand me, but feels the same way I do. I understand that a lot of my readers can't understand this, especially because I could never be called a "loner" in high school. I definitely always had people to talk to and call "friend", but never anybody that made me feel complete the way a best friend could make you feel.

I have learned a lot of things about school too. I understand that community college is really not that much, but I will admit that it's been a good transition between high school and university. I learned that my charm doesn't work on college professors for starters. I also learned that nobody wants to break down how colleges work for you, that they really just leave you to figure it out. And trust me, if I knew, I would explain it, but there's just seriously some piece of vital information that's missing that could be the connecting piece. Community college is really an expensive high school, which can piss me off a lot of times, but at this point in my life, I know that it's a lot easier than taking on a lot of difficult classes. Slow and steady wins the race even if I want to take out at a sprint.

I haven't written much, even off of my blog this entire time. I found myself too high strung to sit down and write anything of substance that had length. So I started focusing a lot on my journal. I changed my journal style, and decided to keep my journal closer to myself than I ever have before. Anything that needs to be written down, and at any time, will go in there. Even if it's a note to "Study your math BITCH!" studiously colored in during math class.

Sometimes, I am afraid of the world, and want to hide. Sometimes, I nap too often and procrastinate too much. Sometimes I feel as if I'm doing too much, and other times I feel as if I'm doing too little. But for once, I'm happy about it, because it's my choice. I live the way I want to. And I am proud to say that I live with more ethics and morals today than I did when I was living with my parents, and even with my grandparents. I am proud to say that I am turning into the woman I want to be. And even if I leave tomorrow, I will carry this experience with me forever.

And with this blog, I close out the summer portion of my blog about New Beginnings and New Experiences and bring you a dream full of dreams, and schemes, and hopefully the realities I make of these. I hope you continue to read and continue to enjoy. I also hope that you comment, whether it's here or on facebook, to tell me what you thought of my entries, not because I want an ego stroke, but because I actually want to hear what you have to say.

And with that, I am going to PicDrop you with some of my favorites from this semester.