Thursday, July 9, 2009

You Saw It Here First!: Tac2Outfitters

Tac2Outfitters known for their services to emergency vehicles all over the county, has recently included a detailing section of their business for citizens of Alcona that don’t intend to protect and serve.

For two years, Tac2 has provided and installed emergency equipment such as sirens, medical equipment, and scanners into police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances. Tac2Outfitters orders equipment for vehicles and will install and repair any of the equipment they sell. Following in his father’s footsteps, owner Mike Jones has had experience with upfitting emergency vehicles for 18 years. After spending 10 years in law enforcement, he decided to open an upfitting business. Harrisville seemed to be the perfect location for such a business because “it is the only place not saturated with this sort of business” Jones says.

A month ago, Jones decided to add detailing to the list of services his business provides. Starting at $100 for a full detail of a vehicle, Jones and his team will wash and wax the exterior and clean upholstery inside the vehicle. Prices will go up depending on the size of the vehicle. Tac2 will detail anything ranging from small cars to RVs and boats.

Business hours for Tac2 are 9am-4pm, Monday through Friday and 1pm-4pm on Saturday. Their website includes an extensive list of the equipment they sell. They are located at 348 S US-23, across from the Harrisville State Park.


  1. Buyer beware!!! Mike has taken thousands of dollars from people and hasn't made good on promises. He has an endless line of excuses for why your product hasn't come in, even after you have paid for it. try

  2. We agree with fdny5555. Mike has taken $900 from us and after 53 days he has not produced the lightbar as promised (we were told 10-14 days for delivery). We are taking him to small claims court for our money since he won't return calls and his business phone is disconnected.

  3. Interesting comment fdny5555 (Ryan) considering that you are the owner of Vehicle Solutions and have been kicked off of online forums for not following through with YOUR customers. Clean your own messes up.

  4. Dianne,

    We have put up with enough of your BS. You don't need to be calling us on our cell phones all hours of the night. You have been well informed, numerous times about your order. Then you call the next day. Your were told a minimum of 10-14 Days, but it could take longer. Don't pop off that you haven't been talked to.

  5. Convicted felons like you, Mike, shouldn't be allowed to open businesses and rip people off. You take the money and hide behind bankruptcy after you tell the customers that your only goal is to refund their money to is now almost a year after you took our money.....where is the refund.....jerk!