Saturday, July 25, 2009

Packing Part 1

Packing is not new to me. I have moved more times than I can count on 1 hand. It's never the packing and leaving that's the hardest part for me, it's limiting all my stuff. I am a bonafide pack rat. I don't know what a trash can is. Now I am going to be moving into a very small apartment and I won't have room for half my things.

The things I collect the most are papers actually. I never throw papers away. For the longest time I was cutting papers up into little squares to make homemade paper [never did get around to doing it...] and now I'm into a new habit of stapling together papers with blank sides to make new notebooks. I even keep my magazines and such to use for origami paper.

But paper is easy to get rid of, so today I tackled my papers. I found papers from 11th grade english class. It's my secret that I actually did turn all of those papers into notebooks. But I threw out all the magazines and such I was going to use for origami paper. So... good for me.

I tore apart my beloved Season 2 LOST poster in the process, which I am just as torn up about as the poster is.

I'm going to have to take a loss on my collection of LOST and HEROES action figures which I love to have around. They will stay here, in a box, all alone, in my grandparent's dangerous attic. I also had to put in all the LOST and HEROES books I have. What am I without my TV show memorabillia?

Today I threw out; lots of papers, a few books because I'm attached to my literature, some knick knacks.

Today I packed for storage: TV show memorabillia, my extensive collection of rubber bracelets, collage posters from two different periods of my life, a couple jewlery boxes, my kokeshi doll, and all my little pigs that I've collected whilst in Michigan [trust me, it's extremely small considering the amount of pigs I have in storage from Hawaii somewhere...] and the rest of my books.

Someday soon I am going to have to go through my clothes. I have to cut my wardrobe in half since my apartment barely has space for 2 people's clothes, and I have enough clothes for 3 people.

My poor bookless shelf!

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