Friday, July 24, 2009

Buffalo Trip #1

I just recently went to Buffalo over the weekend. I got back midnight on Wednesday. It was a trip! We went to get our apartment and get Don registered for school. I unfortunently did not do anything for school because I made the last minute desicion to change schools from Niagara County Community College to Erie Community College [ECC is closer to Don's school so the transportation won't be ridiculous]. This is how our trip went.

Our flight was at 6am, so we had to wake up very early to go. It was Don's first airplane ride. I was very excited for this. I couldn't wait to hold his hand and tell him about all the new things he didn't know about.
Our flight all together lasted until 10, and when I got off the plane and got to restaurant to eat, I couldn't believe they were still serving breakfast.
For the rest of the day we went around Buffalo then got a hotel. The apartment complex was closed so we couldn't see inside of it. We live on a main drag with a BK, library, Citgo, and Don's school [D'Youville] all there for our easy access. And a bus stop to take the 3 mile trip into the city. We live a few blocks from this beautiful artsy neighborhood called Allentown. It consists of beautiful gardens, trees and bright purple and yellow buildings. Unfortunently, I didn't get any pictures because I thought it would be weird to stand outside of someone's house and take pictures. Basically, it's a suburbia for artsy people. My newest, biggest dream is to live there. Years down the road, I plan to buy a junky house there and renovate it and paint it and make it all my own.

We took a tour of Don's school which was an old catholic church, turned into a catholic nursing school, and now it's a catholic college, well known for their nursing and doctors program. It's a beautiful old building, exactly what an old college would look like. I am extremely envious of Don for being able to go to such a beautiful school.

After the tour we went to the Anchor Bar, where the first Buffalo wings were made. I must say that honestly... my Dad's wings were better. I don't think I'm a big fan of authentic wings, only because they fry their wings here and I prefer mine baked so I can still taste the delicious, fatty skin. Is that sacriligous of me or what?
Me chowing down wings like a sloppy retard

Our waitress.
Day 2
Don took his placement test today and was cranky because of it. His mother and I walked up and down Porter and walked to the apartment and looked at it.
This is the front of the complex. I didn't get any pictures of the inside.

The apartment is... what you're paying for. $425 a month for a hotel sized room. No storage, small kitchen, only room for a dresser, a bed, and an arm chair. My heart sunk when I first saw it. I couldn't believe they actually sold apartments this small to people. But I know that I can't find a better deal. It's very safe, clean, and quiet, and close to everything we need. And it's right next to the bridge to Canada which has many perks [such as 19 yrs drinking age and dodging of the draft should it pull through]. I don't see us finding anything more convinient than that!

The landlord was a prick. He was rude and arrogant. He laughed at us for being from some small town he didn't hear about, laughed at Don's mother's credit and didn't believe her when she said that everything was paid on it. I picked up quite an attitude towards him, and I let him know it. I was ready to leave and tell him where he can put his cramped apartment when Don told him that we planned on paying all of our months ahead of time. He told Donna that all he needed was a pay stub from her job, and we got the apartment. As Don and I were walking out with another manager to choose our apartment, he said to Donna "I don't think she likes me very much." Which is true. So now I already have managerial issues.

And now I have a small apartment and a rude landlord, but a lot of love and optimism. They're all road blocks and bumps in my road. But somehow, I'm making it through all of them. I guess this is meant to be.

Day 3
Don registered for school. I had to sit through orientation, then deal with a very cranky, confused and hungry boy after that. It wasn't that bad after he got some gummi bears.

It was a rainy day so we didn't do much other than sit in the hotel. We had an 8th story suite which would've had a decent view of the city had it not been for the damned cancer institute in the way! All weekend Donna was completely obsessed with a building we saw in the horizon. She could not let it go. I think she lost sleep over it. I thought it was kind of endearing. I however, didn't learn that I was looking at the wrong building the entire time until the next day.

Day 4
Today consisted of a lot of waiting and traveling home. We traveled home pretty late. The only thing I like about the Detroit Metro is the fact that I can get ume sushi there. I can't get ume sushi anywhere else. I look forward to travelling only for that. So Don and I went to get it in the Detroit Metro and rode the ExpressTran a couple times to satiate his curiosity.
While he wrung his hands together in anxiety, I enjoyed my last night of sleep on his lap until we move in.

It was a stressful, yet productive trip. I believe I'm still recovering. I can't believe that this is finally upon me. Don and I have been planning this trip for a long time. Dreaming of it, planning it, fighting about it. Many times have we laid together and said "When we get our apartment..." and "When we live together...". And now it's finally here. That apartment waiting for us on the border of Canada and the US, on Porter Avenue, next to Busti Ave. is real. Buffalo is real. The bus I've dreamnt about riding is taking people around right now. My college is awaiting me. So many doors to be opened are sitting in front of me. I feel like it's not even real. I feel as if I'm on auto pilot right now.

Beep Beep...

Here's some more pictures of our adventures.

In the old stairwell of D'Youville

The coolest kids we know!

Before Don's first flight. We're too tired and nervous for real smiles.

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