Monday, July 27, 2009

Sweet Salsa

Should salsa be sweet? I don't know, ask your taste buds. Do they like that sugarey tastes or savory tastes? Or are they one of those buds that like a mix of both. If this is the case, they would beg for cherry salsa.
My grandmother and aunt found Cherry Republic in Traverse City when my grandfather was getting his surgery. It is a cherry haven. They have everything you can ever want in cherry flavors-- cherry balsamic vinegar, cherry sangria, cherry soap... and cherry salsa. It sort of reminds me of that Pepto Bismol commerical; "My friend is having a cherry overload!" Really, this store is only for hardcore cherry lovers.
My grandmother brought home this cherry salsa. I was a little bit weiry, but I try everything. It's sweet, it tastes like a cherry, but it also has a moderate amount of tomatoes and quite a kick to it. I don't know how much I love it as a snack with chips, it's a bit too sweet for my taste, but I'm not really a sweets kinda gal. But it is delicious as a marinade and garnish for chicken. Leave the chicken in the salsa, let it soak up the flavor, then bake it with the salsa on it. With what you have left from the jar, top it off.
You can order cherry salsa here and you can find all things cherry at
Don't forget the cherry Pepto!

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