Monday, December 21, 2009

10 Reasons Why Cuddling With Your Dog is Better Than Cuddling With Your Boyfriend.

1.) Dogs are warmer than boyfriends

2.) Dogs are smaller than boyfriends, making it easier for them to fit next to you.

3.) You spoon dogs, they don't spoon you.

4.) If you get mad at them, they don't mind too terribly if they have to sleep on the floor.

5.) You can yell at your dog, hit your dog [not too hard], tease your dog, and call him stupid, and he'll still sleep with you at the end of the night.

6.) Dogs are ready to sleep when you are.

7.) Dogs don't care if you cuddle with another dog.

8.) Dogs don't need blankets.

9.) Dogs don't have morning breath

10.) Dogs don't expect you to talk to them before you fall asleep, or when you wake up. They just need to pee.


  1. Funny, all of this pretty much applies to my boyfriend :P Aside from being smaller than me, I like having someone bigger to cuddle with~ I like this entry though, it's cute! I love cuddling with my dog, he's a wee chihuahua :)