Thursday, December 3, 2009

Insomnia and

When sleep evades you, there's always the internet. Often too tired to learn anything new, you turn to simple things such as youtube, music blogs, and cooking blogs. The latter of which I am horribly addicted to. is what I like to prefer to as "the shit". It takes every amazing video found everywhere on the web except for youtube, and puts it in a daily list for you. This means you get quality amazement from National Geographic, independent film makers, and news. The few times you do get a home video, they make sure it's top notch.

Don and I were perusing the site and these were this week's gems that we found.

I found that what made this video was so funny was that you didn't know if the kitten was truly surprised or not. And if it was, then it's heart must've been pounding like a Starbucks Store on lunch break. Which is a funny thing.

I want to know what jerk went to the jungle, saw a monkey and decided "I'm gonna put that monkey in skates!" But it's pretty much worth watching, only because you get to see a tiny-human looking thing do things no real tiny human could ever do. Its fun.

If I could draw like this man, I would be completely content with my life. I would never have to worry about bills, or school, because I can say "Hey, at least I have an expansively creative mind". I will probably watch this nonstop for an hour straight everyday to force myself to think like this. Helpful tip: it only gets better and better.

This is the most surreal thing I've seen in my life. The colors are spectacular, and the way they cover that hunk of coral... you can almost hear them like leaves in the fall. It also has a serious theme to it; the peacefulness turns out to be a facade, and deep down inside, you're sucking on seal carcasses. The most serene looking things are the most twisted on the inside.
Remember, this is a time lapse of about a year. Starfish don't really move that fast.

Cool show, but no. This is a video short, depicting the events in stellar visualizations, how the earth began according to the big bang theory. No matter what your creed is, I think you can entertain the beauty of the thought long enough to enjoy it if you don't believe the theory. Note all the passion that went into the very early stages of earth. It makes me feel so intense, knowing that the earth was once so alive like that.

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