Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Goodbye To Buffalo

I have moved from Buffalo to Okinawa, Japan where my parents live. Today is my first day here, and I think some overdue goodbyes are in order.

It's been a good 4 months. It was definitely one of learning experiences. It was a period of growth. It is sad that it is over before the entire dream is realized, but I've begun to see that I don't make my dreams, my dreams just steer the dreams of a higher power. Perhaps Buffalo isn't meant for me. Though I will admit, I grew quite fond of the place.

I met so many interesting, and wonderful people, and a lot of interesting, and disgusting people as well. Buffalo was slowly shaping into being a home for me, and I wish I had a longer chance with it--I could've turned it into something beautiful.

To The People I Loved: I never felt as honestly liked for who I honestly as I did here in Buffalo. Here are the people that made a difference.

Don: Don, who spent these past 4 painful, yet beautiful months with me right by my side. Don, whom I never should have taken from his element, stuck through all the trash thrown at him by this city. Buffalo and living with each other wasn't everything we dreamnt it would be, but we had some good times here. He will be continuing his education back home in Michigan while I move back home to my parents. He has been my boyfriend of nearly 2 years, and he has been such a life-saving aspect. I could always count on him for love, and support, and comfort, and warmth. He was my best friend and lover, and advisor and most important person in my life. I will feel empty without him, and I am sorry that Buffalo tore us apart.

Liz: Liz; The new best friend who was everything I've ever needed in a friend since I realized I needed a friend. She came at a time when I was sure that there would never be a person who would understand me. And then, there we were, finishing each other's sentences the first time we hung out. It's going to be so hard someone who enjoys almost exactly the kind of music I enjoy. I'm going to be hard pressed to find someone who "thinks way into things" and over-analyzes things such as television commercials. I'll probably never find someone who finds the same ridiculous things as I do amusing. And I can search high and low, but will never find someone as beautiful, unique, compassionate, and right for me as Liz. I can't stand the fact that we had so little time together.

Julia: The music geek, the girl who fascinated me, the first stereotypical geeky college student I've met [I knew they existed!], and my coffee buddy. We met for the first time in the library and exchanged blogs. Every so often afterwards, we get together for coffee and literally gossip. Didn't think smart girls gossiped huh? I always was fascinated by her story, and wish her the best of luck turning things around.

Katie: The first girl who talked to me at ECC, who is obsessed with the weather channel and has a camera named Dmitri which she uses quite well. Stair time was always enjoyable when she was around, and I was extremely happy those days she would take me walking around downtown when it was warm out.

Eddie: I have to talk about Eddie because he was such an amazing individual. This guy! If you say hello to him, he will ask you questions about yourself that make you feel like he is writing an entertainment special on you. His outgoing tendencies are to be admired. If a stranger needs to be asked a question, Eddie will ask it. If a lemon needs to be peppered and eaten, Eddie will ask a woman if he should, then do it. Eddie made the time I spent at the stairs at school so much more enjoyable.

7:24 Number 5 Bus Driver: This is the nicest bus driver I've ever met, and I've never met a nice bus driver in my life. To every person who got on the bus, he said hello to. I became a regular in the morning on the bus, and if he saw me down the road, he would wait for me. If I missed the bus, he would scold me and say that he missed me. And when I would get off the bus, he would say "Goodbye sweetheart/gorgeous/beautiful". He always got me into conversation with him from the time I got on in front of the metro station to the time I got off at Porter. Every bus driver should be more like this guy. He never had to be nice, since that wasn't part of his job, but he made riding the bus so much more enjoyable. It was refreshing to have a nice soul in a city full of aloof people.

To The People I Hate: To the sluts, to the tards, and the dicks. You made my life entertaining. You made me feel good about myself because at least I wasn't you. You gave me stories to tell, and lessons to learn. I want to thank these people for the laughs.

Beverly: I will miss your constant digging of your crotch, skyward wandering eyes, and unfortunate gums that grow rotten calcium. I will miss how you would bang on our wall and yell "SORRRRYYY!! Sorry ya'll, I won't make no noise". I will miss how I could always tell what sport was on, and how you used to yell "Comeon FOOTBALL!" and talk to football like it was your friend.

Every Hobo that Harassed Me: No, I will not give you a cigarette. No, I really don't have any change. And No, I will not walk with you to buy you a meal. Ok, so maybe it's heartless of me to hate hobos, but they never seem thankful. In the beginning, I did give cigarettes and change to every bum that asked. I even bought a meal for one. But then I noticed that they would go to the next person and get a cigarette from them! And the guy I bought the meal for, was asking other people for food as I was on my way to buy him a slice of pizza!
I also want to give a special mention to the hobo that accused me of raping him, and the one that had his manhood out on the bus. You were the most memorable.

Skinny-Cigarette-Bumming-Girl: Remember how you took two hits of my friend's cigarette that she bummed you and then threw it out? Remember how you tried to trade me my own candy cane for a cigarette? Remember how you asked me EVERY TIME YOU SAW ME for a cigarette? There's a gas station down the street honey. Maybe you can sell your blue shoes you rave about all the time and go buy yourself a pack.

Maggie: For every time you cut me off in conversation because I was talking to a guy that you liked, for every time you blew off one of my friends for your 40 year old fireman boyfriend, for every time you shamelessly flirted, then cried when they teased you... For every time you were a dumb bitch. It is my victory when you are lonely, out of school, and nobody cares :)

To The Places I'll Miss: I get comfortable in places quite easily, and Buffalo is no exception. I became attached to a couple of places.

My Kitchen: I think I created myself in this kitchen, along with a bunch of delicious foods. All my life, I told myself I'd never be a chef. But then I started making my own meals, and found that not only do I have a talent, but I love it! My kitchen[ette] was a dinky little thing, and I didn't have many tools, but I loved it, because it was all mine. My rules, my food, my kitchen. I'll miss that kitchen more than anything.

Erie Community College--City Campus: Where I spent my first semester of college. It looked like what I moved from my hometown for--an unconventional community college. In the heart of the city, stood an old castle, and that was my school! Actually, it was an old post office, but it looked like a castle. And it wasn't a modern, boring, three hallway building like most community colleges. It gave me the feel of a university, sort of, that I really wanted. And of course, there were the stairs, where I met and talked to so many people. Stair time always was, and always will be, my favorite part of Buffalo.

Buffalo Public Library--Central Location: Oh big beautiful library with your millions and millions of books and your cafe that had the best food in the entire world. You made me so happy. I'll miss my Friday trips to you for entertainment. I'll miss my coffee trips with Julia to you. I'll miss everything about you city library.


There's a lot that I will miss, but that comes with the territory of moving somewhere and getting attached to it. Buffalo was good to me, and while I failed there, I'm glad that I did it. I'm glad I experienced these places and things. And I'm glad I'm in Japan. There's a whole new set of adventures for me to have here, and I hope that you readers will be with me every step of the way.


  1. aw I loved this one! especially the people you hated (Beverley was great!) and I will miss you too more than you will know! But I look foward to reading your stuff about Japan, goodluck...go on as many adventures as you can, cuz I wish I could!

  2. I'm surprised to hear you moved to Japan. Follow your dreams! Dee (Maggies On Main, Harrisville)

  3. We only got to chill a few times but I'll miss hanging with ya on the stairs. Cause stair time really is the best.
    I wish you all the best in Japan, Jenny.

  4. Thank you for continuing to read my blog Dee!

    And Darien, you're a cool cat. Have fun in Buffalo :)