Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Review Wednesday; Fall Music Preview According To "All Songs Considered"

"All Songs Considered" by NPR published this online preview for all the most anticipated albums coming this fall. They put the best singles from each album here for you to preview.

These Roads Don't Move by Jay Farrar and Benjamin Gibbard from the album One Fast Move or I'm Gone

Unkown Jay Farrar hooks up with lead singer of Death Cab For Cutie and The Postal Service, Ben Gibbard, to create this soundtrack for the upcoming Jack Kerouac documentary. Their lyrics are taken from Kerouac's book "Big Sur" and they sound like what Jack Kerouac would sound like if he made music... minus the drunken slurs. This is the only song availabe from the album, and it's only available on NPR
"These roads don't move, you're the one that moves"

See The Leaves by The Flaming Lips from the album Embryonic

The Flaming Lips have been around for a LONG time, and they've always been a little late for their time. Starting in the mid-80's, they have a psychedelic sound that belongs in the 60's. However, there's always a little underground love for the psychedelics, and you have to respect The Flaming Lips for not changing a thing about them in the past 20 years--weird song titles and all. This song sounds like a psychedelic thrash session you'd hear at an X orgy.

This Blackest Purse by Why? from the album Eskimo Snow

By far my favorite song on this list, but that's probably because of the period of my life. I fell in love with it immediately. It sounds angsty, but a mature, thoughtful sort of angst, the sort I, and others in my position feel. In my opinion, this is the song of leaving one life for another, watching the new things, and being afraid. The whole "Mom am I failing or worst?" part really hit me. This is a song I can listen to over and over and feel like somebody really understands me.
"I wanna speak at an intimate decible with the precision of an infinite decimal."

Feeling The Pull
by The Swell Season from the album Strict Joy

An upbeat, folky song about feeling the pull of going someplace new. It's actually a more positive, less angsty version of "This Blackest Purse"

Waterloo Sunset by Ray Davies and The Crouch End Festival Chorus from the album Kinks Choral Collection

Ray Davies gets together with a chorus group from London to create this album of some of his and his band The Kinks best songs with a heavy chorus for a background. I listened to the original, and liked it a lot better than this version. It seems as if Ray Davies' singing impediment got worst with age. But some people LOVE the Kinks, so if you're one of them, you might like this choral rendition of the classics.

Cool Yourself by Thao With The Get Down Stay Downs from the album Kill Rock Stars

This is going to be my new party song. Modern party beats with a blend of 70's J-pop and 50's doowop=Total Win!

Colussus by Lightning Bolt from the album Earthly Delights

This song sounds like an angry garage rock thrash session with a psychedelic flair. It almost sounds like it would be the soundtrack to a progressivley angry acid trip.

Dimestore Diamond by Gossip from the album Music For Men

Gossip, a trio of bra-burning females bring this song about the trailer trash queen. With every beat, you can just see her muffin top shaking with each step. They've got blues with a femme-funk, making anybody they sing about seem trashy and glamorous at the same time--just like this song.

Master Moon by On Fillmore from the album Extended Vacation

This song has got a creepy Tim Burton sound track sort of feel. I was actually inspired by it for my writing. It's definently a song that you make up a story to. To me, it felt mischevious and innocent at the same time, like a 11 year old sneaking out in the middle of the night to prove to his friends that he can go to the witches house.

My Body's A Zombie For You by Dead Man's Bones from the album Dead Man's Bones
This song sounds like Johnny Mathis got converted to satanism. It's creepy ["my body's a zombie for you!"] and somewhat Halloweeny with the kids yelling the chorus. I love it actually, it has such a strange sound that you just have to listen to it and you don't really know why.

Warm in the Shadows by Music Go Music from the album Expressions

I feel like I should be wearing lace arm warmers and doing that tantrum dance to this song. It's got that ageless 80's melodrama to its sound and lyrics.

Sherpa by Le Loup from the album Family

the band sings like the album implies-- like a family. There are multiple male voices on this track that sing together on on a song that sounds like a modern hippy tune. It's a feel good song that you don't sing along to, you just sit and appreciate it's quirkiness and your inability to understand it.

Ain't Nothing Like You (Hoochie Coo) by BlakRoc from the album BlakRoc

These two white kids from The Black Keys make soul like you aint never seen a white kid make soul before. For their newest project, they brought together some great, real hip-hop artists to create this album under the name BlacRok. "11 Artists, 11 days, 11 tracks". Some artists include Mos Def, Ludacris, and Nicole Wray. I love the old, slow blues sound with today's rap. And when you mix indie with rap, you get a beautiful concoction of some mad spits with intelligent lyrics. I'm SOOO buying this album when it comes out.

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