Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tip Thursday; Everyday Hair According To Jenny

Just because you only have an hour to get ready for school, doesn't mean you can't have great hair! I think that easy, yet good looking hair is the greatest tool a woman can have in her arsenal. You just need to know a few tricks. I'm no cosmeotologist or fashionista, but I love the way my hair looks when I do my everyday style.

My hair is shoulder length and thin, so this hairstyle and tutorial may only work for that kind of hair, but you can take some tips from this tutorial and apply it to your own unique hair!

Start off with a part on the side. You have to have sideswept bangs for this hair to work.

Portion off the bangs and the hair in the back. I turn the hair in the back into something of a crown, so gather enough hair to create a crown. It should be the hair located at the top of your head, going about 1/4 of the space to the front. Pull it into a pony tail so that portion doesn't get lost during the blow drying.

Next, blow dry the sides. I suggest tipping your head upside down so the hot hair gets in real good and running your fingers through your hair, touseling it and rubbing the roots as you dry. This gives it a little more volume. Blow dry the bangs and run the blow dryer over the pony tail that is your crown.

Next, if you have thin hair, you're going to be doing a lot of teasing. In case you don't know, this is how you tease; take a small portion of hair about 3 inches wide and relativley thin, and run a comb through it repeatedly going backwards. Don't take the comb out of your hair, just run the comb up and down close to the roots furiously until you think you've created enough volume. Yes, teasing does damage your hair and has a tendency to tangle the ends, but it's worth it.

I tease in two layers on both sides. First do the bottom layer of hair, then the top. After I tease, I do a little bit of hairspray, blow dry it on low, and tease it a little bit more. Make sure you do it on the roots otherwise you're just wasting your time.

After you've teased the sides, tease the bangs slightly. Hairspray, blow dry, and
tease this too. Next, do the crown in two layers, but be careful to make sure it all goes back. There should be no part in your crown.

Next comes the bangs which is my unique touch. I love having long bangs, but I haven't had a hair cut in a long time and long bangs really get on my nerves. So I add a sweet touch by clipping them back. However, I still make sure people I know I got 'em!

Here's what you do. Take all the hair that makes up your bangs.

Twist it around your finger, pin it with a bobby pin, and push the hair up gently to give it a "bump". Hairspray for permanance.

And Voila! You have everday hair Jenny style!

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