Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos

Review Wednesday

Has God ever created a more perfect chip than the Spciy Sweet Chili Dorito chip? I do believe he hasn't. Sure, the Late-Night Flavors are really authentic [the taco flavored chip actually tastes like a taco] and then you have the classics [Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch]. Even the Explosions [pour extra flavor onto your chip!] and the combination ones [ranch and pizza!] are good. But none of them can compare to the most exotic flavor; spicy and sweet chili.

Sweet and spicy sounds a rather odd combination, but if you've ever tasted south-asian food [chinese, thai, philipino] then you'll know that it's actually rather good. This Dorito flavor takes your average sweet-and-spicy taste and gives it an addicting kick. At first, there's a tang that fills your mouth as you slip the chip in. Then when you crunch down, a subtle heat is released, followed by a sweet after taste. Sounds like fun right?

Good For:
-Munchies [of course]
-Sadness [it makes you passionate!]
-Scaring people away with your breath
Bad For:
-Getting all the time [they're really rare to find actually. Try Wal-Mart]
-Losing weight
-Being jewish [it has pork enzymes in it!]


  1. You crack me up! Are you home sick?

  2. I'm only a little home sick. Ironically, I have found that living inside the city gives you as much access to things as living in a small town, which is very little. They don't have many shopping or fast food places, just businesses. But I'm really liking it here though, thanks for asking, and thanks for continuing to read :)