Saturday, June 20, 2009

Name That Tune! Dell Commercial

Have you seen this commercial? If you have, I'm sure you'd remember it. The first time I saw it, I was laying in my boyfriend's bed ignoring him. And despite the negative circumstances of hearing this for the first time, the song rang into my ears and clung there. It's the whistling man! The whistling just really gets to you!

It's been in my head for a week now and after some youtube investigation, I figured out who sings this ridiculously catchy tune.

Stereo Total
Stereo Total Myspace
"I Love You Ono"on Youtube

Stereo Total is a French-German band from Berlin, consisting of a french girl and a German guy who met in a bakery and started their band in the mid 90's. Their song "I Love You Ono" is the song that appears in this commercial and is made of random objects and letters and whistles. The beginning of their song starts off "I love you ONO/Diamond Ring CHA CHA/Holiday Sun OPQ/Planet earth presents you" It then continues on to sing about big brothers, big sisters, an big fame.

But this song isn't theirs. It's actually a cover of "I Love You Oh No" by The Plastics, a short lived Japanese band from the early 80's. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the original version anywhere, so I can't compare it, but they have to be good for having made this song, being Japanese, and being from the 80's!

I listened to what Stereo Total has on their myspace, and none of it is too memorable. This song is wonderful, but from everything else they have, it just seems that they were just really good singing another band's catchy song and making it big.

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