Saturday, June 20, 2009

Join Me In The Asian Fun With Asian Poses!

I found this challenge on my friend Jordan's blog Sans Raison. It's called Asian Pose, and it's as it sounds. You've seen those pictures of the asian girls doing ridiculously cute poses? Well this site challenges you, as the Not-Asian person, to make a feeble attempt to be as cute as the asian girls who do these poses. Trust me, you'll never be as cute, which is why they're fun. Take a look around on the site, my favorite ones are when black/fat/white guys try to do them! The site also gives you a whole low down of all the poses done, and they give you many examples.

Asian Poses

I have just official challenged you to do this. I challenge you to take as many poses [at least 6 or more] as you feel, and I challenge the braver ones to do an asian pose in at least 3 candid moments. Candid moments include a time when you're not taking a picture of yourself. Try it in a family photo! Do it! Do it!

So I urge you, go forth and [attempt to] be asian! Tell your friends and everything!
Here's my collaboration of asian poses:

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