Sunday, January 10, 2010

Break Up Note to My Childhood

I wrote this sestina poem for a creative writing group. It's actually my first attempt at poetry since my angsty high school freshman poetry and my most recent fail: "there are dishes in the sink, but I'm too tired to think". I think it's an improvement, even though I'm not going to take this as my cue to start writing poetry. I still suck at it.


Dear Childhood,
I hate you and to tell you the truth, I always have
I couldn’t wait to get rid of your ugly face
You were rotten, immature, and stupid
And you are no longer any fun
So this is me saying to you—goodbye

But I’ll speak honestly and say that it hurts to say goodbye
You were a big part of me dear Childhood.
Back in the day you were enjoyable and fun
And I really wish it didn’t have
To be like this. Writing you this note is stupid
But it’s your fault. I no longer want to see your face

Remember when you were there for me to yell in the face
Of troubles? When there were so many goodbyes
You helped me make new friends. You were innocent, trusting… and stupid
But were always there for me dear Childhood
What happened? Why did you have
To leave me? We had so much fun.

The truth is that you left me. Tell me, was it fun?
Breaking my heart and laughing in my face
“Grow up” they say. And so you left. Adulthood is all I have
You left so suddenly, without even saying goodbye
I woke up and you were gone dear childhood
I’ll admit now, wishing you were dead was stupid.

Dear Childhood, I hate you. I have
Been struggling without your laughter and stupid
Yet simple and easy way of handling situations. Why didn’t you say goodbye?
Adulthood beats me and calls me names. People see the bruises on my face
They know that you left me dear Childhood.

You left your shit at my house childhood.
Pick it up or I’ll burn it. I don’t want to face
Your posters and stuffed animals. They’re stupid.
This is me breaking up with you. It’s no fun
But then again, you already left me. You have
Hurt me and abandoned me. Goodbye

You have to admit though, it was fun.
I’ll miss your stupid, ugly face
This is goodbye forever Childhood.

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  1. You can't say goodbye to the past dear, only welcome the future.
    The past is not to be forgotten, or we are doomed to repeat it