Saturday, January 2, 2010

The 2012 Olympics logo is wack.

And let me explain how wack it is....

My mother, whom you cannot mutter a sexual joke around without her being confused or offended and I had this conversation after I found the group called "2012 OLYMPIC LOGO LOOKS LIKE LISA SIMPSON GIVING HEAD"

Me: "Oh my God..."
Mom: "What? What?! What's wrong??"
Me: "Oh nothing, it's inappropriate. It's this group on facebook"
Mom: "They have inappropriate stuff on facebook?"
Me: "Well... yeah"
Mom: "I thought everything on was censored on facebook"
Me: "It really depends on who you're friends with"
Mom: "Oh..."
Me: [not wanting my Mom to think I had horribly disgusting and perverted friends] "Well I guess I'll show you.
Mom: [slowly reads the title of the group] Oh wow.... well, I guess now that you mention it.... They need to change it.

Even my mother noticed how offensive this is. And she doesn't understand a lot of offensive things.

London 2012 Olympic games officials absolutely love the design. They think it's hip and vibrant, and attracts the younger crowd because it's magenta.
No, it attracts the younger crowd because the younger crowd is obsessed with sexual jokes.
Chairman Sebastian Coe says:
"We weren't going to come to you with a dull or dry corporate logo that will appear on a polo shirt and we're all gardening in it, in a year's time. This is something that has got to live for the next five years." source
Well, Sebastian Coe may be 100% correct, seeing that it looks like a 12 year old classic cartoon character performing fellatio.
I smell a conspiracy.
Especially since the animated logo causes epilepsy source

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