Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Packing Part 3; The Last Part

This is my last day in Michigan, and I spent it quite relaxed. My Grandfather had a heart scare and spent 2 nights and the most of today at the hospital. Luckily, this heart scare was just indigestion. So I spent the first half of the day cruising on the internet. I cleaned my entire room, turning it back into the beautiful guest room it once was before I arrived.

Compare this to the mess my room was before I got here.

When my grandparents came home, we went out to a nice, goodbye dinner at Wlitses where the waiter made me fried pickles that weren't on the menu.

And now I write this blog at Don's house where I will be spending the night since we have to leave at 6am. It's about a 9 hour trip from here to Buffalo in a van with little seating space left due to our severe packing.

It all seems so simple and easy right? It's all so easy to put things in a box and shove them in the back of a van. It's all so easy to drive nine hours, and then unload all of your stuff right? But underneath all the simplicity comes the compliactions of packing your life into a box and throwing things out enough can be shoved into the back of a van. It's the complications of driving nine hours filled with anxiety and worry, and then trying to fit our lives back into a small apartment.

Moving is hard, I'm here to tell you that. Fortunently, I've made many moves in my life. However, none of them could prepare me for this one. Before, it wasn't that bad because I still had the security blanket of my parents. I knew I had money, I knew I could go to school and it wouldn't matter if I had bad grades, I knew I had a good roof over my head and food on my table every night. Unfortunently, all of these are now my responsibility.

And nothing could prepare me for that.

I'm ready though, no matter how scared I am. After all, the fear of flying always comes before the spirit of soaring. I just have to spread my wings and fly finally.

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