Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Miley Cyrus at Teen Choice Awards

I guess everyone is buzzing about this, so why not me right?

I'm not even going to comment on how absolutely trashy that 16 year old is. Instead, I will comment on what an awful song that is. From what I understand from the lyrics, she goes to Hollywood and sees that everyone is glamorous and different and all she sees is stilletos [She claims she "didn't get the memo" yet... what is she wearing??]. She hears a song come on in the taxi, and all of a sudden "It's a party in the USA".

That has got to be the most contradictory thing I've heard from a pop star who claims to be all about the country. I would think that she would sing something about going to Montana and hearing a country song come on and THEN it would be a party in the USA right?

The song she decides to start this American party with cannot be anymore ironic. A Britany song comes on, then a Michael song. Two of the worst pop stars to idolize. One is a mentally ill wash up, and the other is a pedophile who just died of an overdose. Real nice Miley, that's exactly what America is.

And lets not even go to the part where her voice is so annoying, that it can't even redeem the fact that this song is flat, overproduced, and WAY to bubble-pop. Party in the USA with horrible music. Thanks.

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