Sunday, August 30, 2009

My First Apartment

Dear Readers,
I am sitting in my brand new apartment in Buffalo New York right now, with my back to the door so I can catch the internet that barely reaches my apartment room.

A week ago we made the 9 hour drive our here, accompanied by Don's dad and brother. It was a hot day, the worst day to unpack and move furniture and heavy boxes up a flight of stairs and down two hallways. But eventually we got it all in and turned the empty, small apartment into something nice and cozy.



I have been waiting all my life to have a place to call my own. And I can finally call this place my own. I can go anywhere I want in it [even though there isn't any room] whenever I want, wearing whatever I want. I can have my own food, cook anything I want, listen to my music any time. And it feels so good to finally have my freedom and independence. However, it's not the independence of not having rules or curfews, it's the independence of having to do things by myself. And I enjoy that. I enjoy having my own key to unlock my own door, I enjoy taking the bus to get where I want and not having to depend on someone else for a ride. I just enjoy doing all these things for myself. And that's what true independence is.

At first, it was a small place, but now, it's a cute, cozy place. We have all of our decorations up, I have all my candles floating and burning around the house, we have our bed which doubles as a couch, and we have this little arm chair that I do my work in. It's not perfect in anybody's eyes, but it's what we have, and we make the best of it. We are a small walk from the bus stop where I'll catch the bus to school at, and Don's school is only a little further than that. We're a 10 minute walk from Allentown, and 7 blocks from the grocery store. Our apartment is safe, if not mediocre, and our kitchen is nice, if not extremely small. But, we have everything we need, and we couldn't be happpier.

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