Sunday, August 30, 2009

Things I Have Learned So Far

I have lived here so far for a little over a week, and I have learned a lot. It's not that the big city is as foreign to me as it is to others, but Buffalo is very different from the places that I have lived. These are the things I have learned so far.

1.) Don't walk down Niagara St. at night, or wait for the bus there. Just walk home.
2.) Don't ever walk down Busti or Lakeview either
3.) Sometimes, you don't need an extensive amount of books to be a library.
4.) On that note, you can get free movie rentals at libraries if the library you go to applies to Lesson 3.
5.) Don't try to say hi to people. If you accidentally caught their attention, just nod your head.
6.) Don't give a cigarette to a guy you just saw get a cigarette from somebody else.
7.) NEVER shop at Rite-Aid, CVS, or Walgreens unless you go for perscriptions. Find a Family Dollar instead so you don't have to pay $9 for razors.
8.) Get a Bonus Card at the grocery store you go to. YOU'LL NEED IT!
9.) Get a bus schedule if you're riding the bus so you don't wait an hour to pay a $1.75 fair to ride a full, stinky bus for 3 blocks.
9.) a On that note, don't even take the bus to the grocery store. But apply Lesson 1.
10.) You will NEVER get the stink out of your apartment that it came with, no matter how much Febreze you spray.
11.) When registering for school, don't wear skinny jeans, and bring something to do. You'll be there for a while.
12.) Take the smoke alarm down before making bacon at 7:30 am.
13.) Teach your boyfriend to cook. It's ok if he ruins your last pound of hamburger trying to make Hamburger Helper; he'll learn.
15.) Don't trust the sweet looking old lady that looks like a man next door. She will someday push her way into your apartment and scope out all the nice things you have.
15.) Naps are really nice. Take as many of them as you can.

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  1. You walked down Niagara St and Busti at night??? Busti is like crack addict heaven...glad you learned lol.